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Welcome to Alkali International Corp (AIC)

Having provided world-class service for over 3 ½ decades to hunters, anglers, shooters, and survivalists, we are a family oriented business that believes American craftsmanship can be the best in the world. We have decided to expand our operations so that we may offer a complete line of equipment and services to our fellow outdoors men and women. Being a small family business, we believe nothing is more important than family. Another of the many things that set us apart from competitors is our belief that each customer and client we serve becomes a part of our family. Providing the best one-on-one service to clients from around the globe has been our everyday way of life through all these years. Whether guiding clients for moose in the Yukon, building custom safari rifles for African Professional Hunters, or freely advising prospective customers how to design their own custom rifles or wildcat cartridges, we have tremendously enjoyed giving personalized attention to every customer.  

Bradly Hunt has provided a full line of master gunsmith and bullet making services since 1981, even before he and his wife, SL Jackson Hunt, formed AIC in 2003. Before and during this time, Bradly successfully guided hundreds of clients on big game hunts all across the western third of North America. Every job undertaken since before there was an AIC had the complete focus and attention of the entire family and utilized the highest degree of skill and attention to detail. A piece of our heart and soul goes out with each item we make or service. Now, we are happy to announce our expansion to include top-of-the-line products with which you will already be familiar. We can now provide you, our newest family member, with almost any brand of hardware for shooting, hunting, reloading, or wilderness survival.

We are pleased to have you join our family and life long labor of love through this site! You will find our customer service to you, our family members, is second to none. We are eager to expand our family and pass along our tradition of making outdoor adventures one in a lifetime... EVERY TIME! Whether you are looking for your child’s first BB/air gun, a new Thompson Center .50 caliber black powder rifle, a shotgun, Sierra bullets, an RCBS reloading press, MRE's, or a particular scope for your new Weatherby rifle, you can find it here. We also offer a full line of ammunition and accessories from all major manufacturers, as well as fireproof gun vaults to protect your family’s heritage, or a new knife to field dress that deer you will be putting on the table this fall.

Another thing that sets us apart from other companies is our ability to offer you discontinued models of firearms and accessories through our used firearms and auctions features; but perhaps the greatest thing that makes AIC unique, besides our impeccable customer service and attention to you, is that we are not bound strictly by our inventory on this site. If you do not see something you need, please contact us. Chances are we can find what you need if it is available anywhere.

We welcome you home to our cozy little shop set in the high desert of northern Nevada, where an outdoors adventure of a lifetime awaits... over and over again. Let’s get started on yours TODAY!

You can order items for in sotre pickup.

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